Grand Summoners Tier List (2021 Update): Our Picks for the Best 5-Star Units in the Game - Level Winner (2024)

Grand Summoners treats its players to a huge and continuously growing world in terms of content and features. While there are plenty of reasons that contribute to the game’s success and addictive properties, the massive roster of characters it employee, which includes a lot of fan-favorite personas from popular anime, along with the near-infinite combinations and mixtures of these characters to form teams, are what largely contributes to the overall impact of Grand Summoners.

As heroes in Grand Summoners are categorized by star or rarity grades, it can be expected that a higher grade unit will surpass lower grade ones in terms of overall strength and utility. Although some units can be evolved from 4 stars to 5 or higher grades, some are simply designed to have a maximum grade of 4 stars. Given that Grand Summoners hosts a massive roster of characters, we will only focusing on the best heroes whose final evolution is at least at 5 stars.

You can always presume that the developers behind every strategy RPG that employs a massive roster of characters will do their best to ensure that each unit will be of equal overall strength and utility to balance all of them out, at least for those within the same rank or grade. Despite the best efforts, though, it cannot be helped that some characters will simply outshine others on their own, and some will even perform well above the rest in certain teams or situations.

In that regard, tier lists such as this one aim to give players an idea of which units to invest their time and resources on, especially given that farming for upgrade materials can be grueling task and you would naturally want to limit investments to the best units you will be using for a long time. Do note, however, that our tier list like all other tier lists are opinionated and we likewise respect and understand that ranking units in Grand Summoners should differ from one person to the next.

If you have just started playing Grand Summoners and still need to get a good grasp of its basic mechanics and features, then be sure to read our Grand Summoners beginner’s guide. As Grand Summoners is know to have most of its content and features readily available for players right after the tutorial, the onset of a wide open adventure can be an overwhelming sight for total newbies in the genre.

As you may want to go for a reroll on your first set of gacha summons, you can check this Grand Summoners tier list to have an idea of which characters to go for, provided that they are available from the banners you can access at the time of your playing.

Note that like all other tier lists we have prepared, all units within a particular tier are deemed to be of equal value, even if we feel that they are not entirely at par with one another. As much as we want to provide a complete tier list that includes the entirety of Grand Summoners’ character roster, we only have room for the top 2 tiers in this guide. Just the same, this should suffice to give you an idea about which units are worth investing your hard-earned resources in.

Grand Summoners S Tier Units

These are the characters in Grand Summoners that you should aim to secure early on if you are going for a reroll. There are a lot of units worthy of being in the S Tier but it is largely because Grand Summoners does host a plethora of characters. S-tier units are typically the ones you build your team formation on.

Asirpa (AWK) [ Support – Light – Human ]

For passive skills, Asirpa has Freeze Resistance level 10, which gives her an added 100% freeze evasion rate as well as freeze time reduction. Accuracy Rate level 2 boosts her accuracy by 20%, and Beloved Child of the Ainu provides her a 120 HP auto recovery plus an arts gauge refill of 2.

Her active skills include Cover Fire, which deals 1700% light damage to an enemy with a chance of poisoning them. For Arts, she can heal all allies by 25% of their respective HPs, increase their arts gauge by 25, and even double their defense for 10 seconds. Asirpa’s True Arts, I’ll Make My Own Future!, deals 22,000% light damage. Beyond that, activating this skill reduces skill and equipment cool down period for her allies by 30% for 20 seconds and also increase break power by the same percentage.

Awoken Ashe [ Sub-attacker – Dark – Human ]

Awoken Ashe passively has 300% increased damage to enemies, except bosses, if they have lower than 30% HP, through Execute Assassination level 6. His critical rate goes up by 100% when attacking enemies that have been blinded and he also naturally has increased 30% critical damage.

Awoken Ashe’s Cross Pain deals 2,000% dark damage to his target with a chance to inflict blind on them. Activating this skill also increases his arts by 3. Dios Grief does 19,000% dark damage and reduces the target’s blind resistance by 35% for 13 seconds. Terio Thanatos deals 30,000% dark damage and also reduces the enemies’ arts gauge by 40%. IF that is not enough, this true arts also provides Awoken Ashe a self-buff, boosting his damage outputs by 50% and reduces enemies’ actions by 30% for 15 seconds.

Awoken Berwick [ Sub-attacker – Fire – Demon ]

Awoken Berwick’s passives further boost his damage against earth elemental enemies by 25% while boosting resistances from water elemental attacks by the same percentage. When his Magia Drive true arts is activated, his arts gauge is increased by 200%, critical rate is boosted by 100%, and arts gauge also auto-fills by 3.

Awoken Berwick’s Flame Blast is pretty straightforward, dealing 2,200% fire damage to its target with a chance to inflict burning status. Flame Nova does 14,400% fire damage and also increases all allies arts gauge by 25. Fire elemental allies also gain an art gauge of 2 for 10 seconds. Ex Procyon Blast activates Magia Drive for 180 seconds and deals 37,000% fire damage to enemies. All allies’ damage outputs are increased by 50%, with an extra 50% more if they are fire elemental units.

Awoken Fen [ Support – Earth – Human ]

Awoken Fen’s passive abilities gives him an 80% damage boost against human enemies. Allies receive an increased evasion rate of 15% and his damage to enemies are boosted by 20% when their HP goes below 50% once per battle. When Awoken Fen’s is near-death, his attack increases by 60%.

Austrixen deals 1,850% earth damage to enemies and also boosts allies’ art gauge by 4. Using this skill also heals the ally with the lowest HP by 3%. Nagel Catastrophe does 13,100% earth damage and reduces equipment cool down period 25% for 20 seconds. Naglering Legenda does 21,500% earth damage to enemies, increases arts gauge of all allies by 3, and boosts equipment damage by 50% for 20 seconds.

Awoken Norn [ Sub-attacker – Earth – Machine ]

Awoken Norn’s best passive skill is Eliminate level 2, which increases her damage by 20% against enemies whose HP goes below 50%. She also has an increased critical resistance of 20% and fellow machine units within the team enjoy a 15% stat boost as well.

Awoken Norn’s Snipe Lily deals 1,800% earth damage and makes targets 20% more prone to status ailments for the next 10 seconds. Virgo Tears deals 14,000% earth damage and comes with a high chance of paralyzing the target. Additionally, paralyzed enemies take double damage for the next 6 seconds. Awoken Norn’s Milky Way deals 32,600% damage and boosts her own stats by 50% for 30 seconds. Activating this true arts also increases the team’s art gauges by 20% and auto fills everyone’s art gauges by 3 for 20 seconds.

Awoken Rem [ Sub-attacker – Dark – Human ]

Awoken Rem’s passives include increasing the team’s magic damage by 15% and each time she uses an equipment skill, she heals all allies’ HP by 2%. Astrology is a unique passive that boosts damage and resistance against enemies between 20-40%, with elements based on the daily element, randomized on weekends.

Her Spirit Serpenti deals 2,000% dark damage and increases her own battle ether from skills by 50%. Ultimo Respio does 13,000% dark damage. This will also boost the damage taken by the enemy from weakness element by 40% while reducing both their attack and defense by 35% for 15 seconds. Elixir Verita deals 25,000% dark damage against the target and does double damage if the enemy has light elemental affinity.

Awoken Rosetta [ Support – Water – Demon ]

Awoken Rosetta has passives that gives her seal resistance and increased accuracy. Beyond both, though, she gains 10 arts gauge for every second Magia Drive is active.

Vanishing Drive does 1,400% water damage and reduces the enemy’s evasion rate by 10% for 5 seconds. Ark Lightning deals 8,000% damage with a chance of paralyzing the enemy. If Ark Lightning is used while Magia Drive is active, it adds 15 seconds to the duration of Magia Drive. Raging Blaster activates Magia Drive for 50 seconds and deals 22,500 water damage as well. This reduces the water and magic resistances of the enemy by 35% for 10 seconds and increases her teammates’ arts gauges by 3 for 25 seconds.

Awoken Shuri [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

Awoken Shuri’s passive abilities include boosting her resistance against both freeze and paralysis by 100% as well as prevent knockback from damage. Her damage output increases by 50% against enemies with lower than 30% HP. Receiving damage at least equivalent to 1% of her HP while Third Eye is activated increases her arts gauge by 3.

Wolf’s Wrath “Jukosho” deals 3,300% dark damage and reduces the enemy’s resistance from faint by 30% for 6 seconds. Starving Dragon “Rankiryu” does 18,000% dark damage and has a high chance of inflicting faint on the target. This increases damage to target by 25% for 10 seconds, and 50% if the target faints. Phoenix Claw “Osho Reppa” activates her Third Eye for 100 seconds, dealing 56,000% dark damage.

Activating this increases all allies’ physical damage by 50% for 10 seconds and her own damage by the same percentage every time true arts is used within the duration of Third Eye.

Awoken Swordsman Berwick [ Attacker – Fire – Demon ]

Awoken Swordsman Berwick has 25% increased water resistance thanks to one of his passive abilities. His other passives cut down skill cool down period by 50% when he is near-death and by another 100% when his Magia Drive is active. His skill damage also increases by an extra 100% when Magia Drive is active.

His Flame Wave skill deals 1,600% fire damage and increases his arts gauge by 20, further increasing it by another 20 when Magia Drive is on. Quick Draw: Flame Blade does 12,000% fire damage and increases the party’s art gauge by 3 for 10 seconds. Finally, his true arts, Arcana: Sonic Flame Vortex activates his Magia Drive for 180 seconds and deals 40,000% fire damage when used during the Magia Drive. This will boost the team’s max HP by 20% and physical damage by 100% for 10 seconds.

Awoken Thetis [ Defender – Water – Demon ]

Awoken Thetis can revive an ally once with 50% HP with his Chivalry passive skill. His critical resistance is increased by 60% and, when his Magia Drive is active, his arts gauge is increased by 100 and increases by 1 when he is attacked, reducing damage taken by 25% as well.

Blinder Schlag does 1,500% water damage and reduces his break resistance by 15% for 7 seconds. Zitadelle Angriff deals 8,000% water damage and also adds 150% of his defense to his arts damage. This also increases allies’ break power by 30% and within 15 seconds after activation, can take up to 10,000 damage meant for allies and negate his own damage.

Great Atem activates Magia Drive for 120 seconds and can deal 30,000% water damage when used for the duration. This removes poison and burn status for allies and, for 30 seconds, can take and negate 30,000 damage meant for allies.

Awoken Vox [ Attacker – Water – Demon ]

Regarded as one of, in not, the best characters in Grand Summoners, Awoken Vox has critical damage increased by 80% because of his Fatal Blow passive skill. He also increases his allies’ accuracy by 30%. During Magia Drive, his skill cool down time is reduced by 100% and his attack increases by 100% as well.

Awoken Vox’ Freeze Wave deals 2,400% water damage and increases his arts gauge by 20 and another 20 with Magia Drive active. Quick Draw: Brilliant Blade does 18,000% water damage and boosts all allies’ stats by 30% for 15 seconds. Arcana: Sonic Portal Vortex activates Magia Drive for 180 seconds and can deal 45,000% water damage when used during Magia Drive. This will boost allies’ critical rate by 100% as well for 15 seconds.

Empress of Spirit World Sonije [ Support – Light – Spirit ]

Empress of Spirit World Sonije increases all allies’ max HP by 10% as well as boost their accuracy rate and critical damage by 30%. When near-death, she can auto-fill her arts gauge by 2.
Circumflex increases allies’ arts gauge by 5 and reduces skill cool down time by 20% for 8 seconds. Terra Le Cordia deals 7,900% light damage and increases allies’ arts gauge by 2 for 15 seconds. Interstellar Le Cordia does 20,800% light damage. This also boosts paralyze and freeze resistance for allies by 100% while increasing arts damage by 30% for 12 seconds. Earth and light elemental units receive an extra 30% boost to their arts damage.

God of Dragon Knights Weaver [ Sub-attacker – Water – Human ]

God of Dragon Knights Weaver only has 2 passive skills giving him a 20% increased critical rate and an increased battle ether output for all water elemental units in his team.
Twin Circles Blades does 1,800% water damage, heals his HP by 120, and increases his own arts gauge by 8. Soaring Dragon Blades deals 13,500% water damage, boosts allies’ arts gauge by 20, and negates up to 2,000 points of damage on allies for 20 seconds. Chaotic Dragon Blades deals 31,000% water damage, reduces enemies’ water elemental resistance by 30%, and boosts allies’ critical damage by 50% for 13 seconds.

Holy Knight Goddess Feena [ Support – Light – God ]

Holy Knight Goddess Feena deals 80% more damage on demon types, immune to all status ailments save faint, and can also revive an ally with 33% HP once per battle.

Santuario deals 2,600% light damage and regenerates her HP. Diospada does 11,500% light damage and also negates all negative status ailments on allies except faint. Finale Espada does 22,500% light damage, grants HP recovery of 300 per second on allies, and clears all status ailments except faint on each of them.

Mako Mankanshoku (AWK) [ Support – Light – Human ]

The awakened form of Mako Mankanshoku’s passives include a 20% equipment cool down time of 10%, an increased self-heal of 20%, and a 30% reduction in physical damage received.

Spiked Bat Missile does 1,400% light damage and increases her arts gauge by 5. Honki-punch does 14,400% light damage, reduces her skill cool down time by 120% for 10 seconds, boosts damage on enemies by 30%, and reduces the enemy’s action speed by 30% for 10 seconds. Mako’s Showtime boosts all allies’ arts gauge by 4 and heals HP by 350. Activating this true arts also increases arts damage by 80% for 15 seconds.

Melty (AWK) [ Support – Water – Human ]

Melty’s awakened form only has 2 passive abilities, one of which cuts skill cool down time by 20% when she is near-death. The other boosts her seal resistance by 50% and also increases allies’ arts damage by 10% once in combat.

First Aqua Heal restores 250 HP for all allies and increases arts gauge by 5. Zweit Aqua Shot does 11,000% water damage, increases the team’s attack by 40%, and auto-fills arts gauge by 3 for 13 seconds. Zweit Aqua Slash deals 28,000% water damage, boosts the party’s fire resistance by 15%, and increases damage to enemies by 15% for 15 seconds.

Priestess (AWK) [ Healer / Support – Light – Human ]

The awakened Priestess has an increased poison time reduction and poison evasion rate of 50%. She auto-fills her arts gauge by 2 and boosts the max HP of her team by 15%.

Minor Heal restores 700 HP for the team. Holy Light does 8,800% light damage with a high chance of blinding the enemy while also increasing the team’s arts gauge by 30. Protection negates damage to the party of up to 8,000, reduces her skill cool down time by 100%, and increases her healing potency by 100% for 45 seconds.

Rimuru (AWK) [ Support – Water – Demon ]

Rimuru’s awakened evolution has an increased fire resistance of 30%. She also increases her arts gauge by 2 per second as well as her status ailment resistance, save faint, by 30%.

Flare Circle is a straightforward skill that does 2,800% damage to an enemy. Full-Potion completely fills up the team’s skill gauge and heals the party by 30% of their max HP. This arts also removes negative status effects, except faint, on allies, giving the team increased resistance as well by 100% for 10 seconds. Preadtor does 26,000% water damage that comes with a 3% lifesteal. It also boosts stats of allies by 20% and arts gauge by 3 for 15 seconds.

Ruthless Demon Divine Celia [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

Ruthless Demon Divine Celia has an increased critical damage of 30% and also gains a 30% damage boost during break. With Ancient Blood, her attack increases by 20% as well whenever arts is activated, up to 100%, giving bonus 100% attack and critical rate at max.

Jugeuse Celeste does 2,000% dark damage and drains the enemy’s art gauge by 5. Veritable Executrice deals 18,000% dark damage and boosts all allies’ arts damage by 50% for 15 seconds. Penalite Pour Epurer does 43,000% dark damage and increases the team’s arts gauge by 3 for 10 seconds. Maxed Ancient Blood further multiplies arts gauge auto-fill time and increases its amount by 2.

Sakura Itto-Ryu Mira [ Sub-attacker – Earth – Human ]

Sakura Itto-Ryu Mira increases the team’s earth damage by 30%. During break, her damage increases by 50%.

Glittering Sakura deals 2,000% earth damage and increases all earth allies’ art gauge by 1 for 7 seconds. Sakura Itto-Ryu: Twilight Bloom deals 15,000% earth damage and boost earth elemental units’ damage by 30% and critical rate by 80% for 10 seconds. Sakura Itto-Ryu: Senbonzakura does 32,000% damage, prevents up to 4,200 damage to allies, and provides 120 HP recovery for 25 seconds.

Spy of Darkness Fen [ Sub-attacker – Dark – Human ]

Spy of Darkness Fen receives a 100% critical rate boost when the enemy is blind. Once per battle, he boosts the team’s arts gauge by 50 at the start of the quest.

Sniper Skill “Dark Shot” does 2,200% dark damage and reduces the enemy’s dark resistance by 10% for 5 seconds. Sniper Skill “Magic Bullet” deals 25,000% dark damage, combines accuracy rate buff percentages, multiplies it by 100, and adds total to arts damage. Sniper Skill “Dark Abyss” deals 31,000% dark damage and a high chance of inflicting blind on the enemy. It increases the arts gauge of allies by 3 and their accuracy rate by 30% for 20 seconds, further increasing arts gauge of dark elemental allies by 20.

Grand Summoners A Tier Units

Despite a comparatively large roster of units under the S Tier, it can still be a challenge to have a full solid team of characters from the group, especially given the difficulty of securing higher-grade units even if you reroll. Beyond that, Grand Summoners hosts a ton of different game modes that evokes a different team roster to excel in.

For that, you will naturally be looking into the next tier for your next choices to form part of your main and sub-teams. Naturally, these units are well worth every bit of investment as well.

Agent of Darkness Kane [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

His passives include a 10% chance of evading a physical attack and dealing extra 20% damage on break. His true arts boosts allies’ damage by 15% with each true arts used and dark allies gain 100% attack for 20 seconds.

Ancient Dragon Princess Favelle [ Defender – Earth – Dragon ]

Her passives reduce 10% of damage taken by near-death allies, increases arts damage by 50% if HP is above 50%, and boosts all allies’ HP by 10%. Her true arts negates 5,000 points of damage on allies and cuts down enemies’ damage by 15% for 30 seconds.

Awoken Amane [ Sub-attacker – Light – Human ]

Her passives include a boost in critical rate by 30% and evasion rate by 15%, both of which increases by 50% during Third Eye with a skill cool down reduction of 50%. Her true arts activates Third Eye for 120 seconds and boosts light and dark damage by 120% for 20 seconds.

Awoken Arcana [ Support – Dark – Human ]

She has 50% additional light and dark resistances and her evasion rate increases by 30% when near-death. Her true arts reduce the enemy’s damage and accuracy rate by 30% and status resistance by 60% for 25 seconds.

Awoken Celia [ Defender – Light – Human ]

She has increased heals by 30% and attacks ignore enemy’s defense by 50%. She reduces damage on allies by 10% once when they are near-death as well. True arts enable her to negate 15,000 damage from allies within 20 seconds, increases their arts gauge by 15 and removes debuffs on her.

Awoken Crunchyroll Hime [ Support – Fire – Human ]

She has HP regeneration and a one-time revival. Her true arts increases the team’s evasion rate by 15% and auto recovery by 450 for 15 seconds.

Awoken Duke [ Breaker – Dark – Demon ]

He can reduce a boss’ break amount by half. When Magia Drive is active, arts gauge increase by 100 and another 100 during breaks. True arts activate Magia Drive for 120 seconds, converting 5% of damage on enemy to break power.

Awoken Ginzo [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

He deals an extra 20% damage against giant bosses. He ignores enemy’s defense by 100% and, during Third Eye, auto-fills arts gauge by 1 with an increase of 100 upon activation.

Awoken Kisaragi [ Attacker – Fire – Human ]

She has 10% increased poison time reduction and poison evasion rate and, with Third Eye active, has increased arts by 100, attack by 50%, and damage equal to all attack buffs.

Awoken Melia [ Sub-attacker – Dark – Human ]

She has a 90% increased damage against gods, negates up to 2,000 damage for 10 seconds when near-death, and provides 10 HP regen to allies. Her true arts drain 20 from the enemy’s art gauge and boost allies’ magic damage by 50% for 10 seconds.

Awoken Mizuki [ Sub-attacker – Water – Human ]

She reduces the “Hellfire” field effect by 60%, has lifesteal equal to 2% damage, and increases damage by 180% against fire enemies during Third Eye. True arts activate Third Eye for 90 seconds and boosts her arts gauge by 50.

Awoken Ragsherum [ Attacker – Dark – Demon ]

He has 10% dark resistance and gradually increases attack and defense up to 2x as his HP lowers, and gains lifesteal when near-death. His true arts uses 30% of his HP and negates up to 3.000 damage for 25 seconds, with a high chance of inflicting faint with his attack.

Awoken Riviera [ Attacker – Earth – Demon ]

She has increased critical rate of 50% and gains 100 arts gauge at the start of battle. With MAiga Drive active, has 100 arts gauge, 150% critical rate, and 30% more damage from enemies. True arts activate Magia Drive for 60 seconds, increasing arts gauge by 100.

Awoken Tamae [ Attacker – Fire – Demon ]

She has increased critical damage of 70%, critical rate of 100% against a blinded enemy, and gains 10 arts gauge for each enemy she downs. Her true arts deals 50,000 fire damage and resudes the target’s fire resistance by a stackable 20% for 60 seconds.

Benimaru (AWK) [ Sub-attacker – Fire – Demon ]

He has 50% increased critical rate, 100/second HP recovery, and gains 2 arts gauge when near-death. His true arts can inflict burn and reduce the target’s magic resistance by 50% for 15 seconds if they have been burned.

Blazing Divine Guardian Sanstone [ Defender – Fire – Human ]

He has 100% resistance from freeze and paralyze, cannot be knocked back from damage, and also fills arts gauge by 3 when near-death. His true arts deals 24,000% fire damage, boosts allies’ critical resistance by 20%, and reduces damage by 30% for 20 seconds.

Blazing Flame Empress Lione [ Sub-attacker – Fire – Beast ]

When near-death, she gains 25% evasion rate and 60% skill cool down time reduction. Her true arts deals 30,000% fire damage, increases fire allies’ attack by 80%, and adds 2 arts gauge for human and beast allies for 15 seconds.

Bloody Devil Spy Millenia [ Sub-attacker – Fire – Demon ]

She has 12 HP regen, 25% earth elemental resistance, and can use skills 2x after cool down recovery. True arts deal 30,400% fire damage and increase team’s critical damage by 70% for 7 seconds.

Divine Fox Painter Sumire [ Support – Fire – Human ]

She has 30% more damage against giant bosses and reduces cskill cool down period when near-death. Her true arts does 21,000% fire damage, increases all allies’ arts gauge by 3, and HP regen by 120 for 15 seconds.

Dragon Lord Gerald [ Defender – Fire – Human ]

He can basically revive once in combat, has burn resistance, 20% reduction from raid boss damage, and provides a 10% damage reduction for the team when near-death. His true arts deal 21,600% fire damage, increase the team’s arts gauge by 15, removes debuffs on him, and negates up to 15,000 damage for the team for 20 seconds.

Elusive Cannon Princess Courtney [ Breaker – Dark – Human ]

She has level 5 light resistance, level 6 Gren up, and skill cool down reduction when near-death. True arts does 22,000% dark damage and reduces enemies’ attack, defense, and break resistance by 50% for 15 seconds.

Emperor of Gods Freed [ Attacker – Light – God ]

He has 20% increased damage against light and dark units and boosts max HP and defense by 20% for the team along with boosting his critical damage by 30%. His true arts deals 35,000% light and dark damage and increases his own arts gauge by 2 per critical hit.

Flame Spirit Empress Lian [ Sub-attacker – Fire – Human ]

She has 14 HP regen and 30% increased evasion rate, reduce freeze and burn time for the team, and can also increase her action speed. Her true arts does 20,900% fire damage with burn effect and can increase allies’ arts gauge.

Goblin Slayer (AWK) [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

He has increased damage against demons by 50% and auto-fills his arts gauge by 4 when near-death. His true arts deal 45,000% dark damage, increases own arts gauge by 2 for 60 seconds, and increases both damage and break power the lower his HP goes.

God of Dark Dragons Wargul [ Breaker – Dark – Dragon ]

He has level 3 revenge and break mastery as well as a level 6 additional attack. His true arts does 31,200% dark damage, boosting the team’s damage by 150% for 12 seconds during a break.

Hades Knight Emperor Regulus [ Attacker – Dark – Demon ]

He has 30% increased light resistance and boosts allies’ dark damage by 30%. His true arts deals 25,550% dark damage, multiplied by 1.5x against light units, and increases allies’ critical rate by 100% for 8 seconds.

Hero of Darkness Zeorg [ Defender – Dark – Human ]

He boosts the team’s dark damage by 30% and further boosts his own by 20% when near-death. His true arts does 31,200% dark damage with 4% lifesteal, negates 20,000 points of damage for the team, and increases his arts gauge by 2 when attacked within 12 seconds.

High Elf Archer (AWK) [ Sub-attacker – Earth – Spirit ]

She has increased critical rate of 70%, evasion rate of 10%, and accuracy rate of 50%. Her true arts deals 42,000% earth damage and boosts the team’s critical rate by 100% and evasion rate by 20% for 20 seconds.

Icicle Spear Goddess Alvina [ Attacker – Water – Human ]

She has increased evasion rate of 10% and 100% bonus damage against freezing enemies or enemies with disease. Her true arts does 28,000% dark damage and can inflict disease, filling her arts gauge by 5 as well.

Illusory Twin Blades Melia [ Attacker – Water – Human ]

She has a level 7 burn resistance and deals 35% more damage against fire units. Her true arts deals 31,200% water damage, increase the team’s critical rate by 100%, and boosts water allies’ damage by 60% for 11 seconds.

Inferno God Ifrit [ Attacker – Fire – God ]

He gains 100% critical rate against burning enemies, reduced physical damage intake by 20%, and auto-fills arts gauge by 3 when burning. His true arts does 30,000% fire damage, increased by 160% if he is burning, and heals his own burn effect.

Intelligent Divine Governor Pariot [ Healer – Earth – Spirit ]

She has 10% equipment cool down time reduction, level 8 freeze resistance, boosts allies’ max HP by 500, and 25% increased damage against water enemies. Her true arts heals allies’ HP by 60% and increases arts gauge by 30.

Milim (AWK) [ Attacker – Fire – Demon ]

Her arts gauge increases whenever an attack deals more than 10% of her HP as damage and her attack increases the lower her health gets, up to an additional 50% more if near-death. Her true arts does 38,000% fire damage with an extra 150% more against broken enemies, boosting her critical rate by 100% for 15 seconds.

Naofumi Iwatani (AWK) [ Defender – Light – Human ]

He can negate up to 1,500 damage for the team within the first 20 seconds of the quest and suffers 10% less damage from normal attacks for 2 seconds and gains a 20% boosted defense while negating damage. His true arts can inflict faint on the enemy, ignoring 100% defense and dealing 33,000% dark damage. Missed faint results in a 60% self-heal and 80 increase in arts gauge.

Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela [ Healer – Water – Spirit ]

Magical damage she takes is reduced by 25% and she boosts the team’s max HP and magic damage by 15%. Her true arts does 17,800% water damage, heals Allies’ HP by 50%, and gives 200 HP recovery for 20 seconds.

Radiant Sword Goddess Tallis [ Breaker – Fire – God ]

She can revive with 50% HP once every minute, has level 10 burning resistance, and can also burn enemies. Her true arts deals 26,000% fire damage, reduces damage she takes by 50% for 8 seconds, and boost fire allies’ attack by 100% for 15 seconds.

Raphtalia (AWK) [ Sub-attacker – Light – Beast ]

She has 20% increased critical rate and accuracy rate, gaining 30% more damage if protected by an ally. Her true arts does 12,000% light damage and can increase arts gauge by 20 if critical. If protected, protecting ally gains 33% more HP and 150 HP recovery for 15 seconds.

Saitama (AWK) [ Attacker – Light – Human ]

He deals 50% more damage against giant bosses, gains 50% more defense when negating damage, has 100% status ailment resistance except faint, and negates up to 2,800 damage for 20 seconds when near-death. His true arts deals a solid 120,000% light damage.

Sealed Demon of Destruction Fosly [ Breaker – Earth – Human ]

She auto-fills her arts gauge by 2 and gains 60 HP recovery when near-death. Her true arts deals 25,000% earth damage, can faint, and reduces the enemy’s break resistance by 40% for 20 seconds

Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor [ Sub-attacker – Dark – Demon ]

His arts gauge auto-fills by 2 and he has a level 7 paralyze resistance. His true arts does 30,000% dark damage, reduces the target’s dark resistance by 30% for 15 seconds, and auto-fills dark allies’ arts gauge by 4 for 10 seconds.

Shining Divine Warrior Platina [ Breaker – Light – God ]

She provides allies a 10% increase in break power, removes status ailments when near-death, negates up to 2,000 damage for 10 seconds, reduces her own skill cool down timer based on her break power. Her true arts does 34,000% light damage with a high chance of inflicting faint, reducing the enemy’s break gauge by 10% when her skill hits for 10 seconds.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic (AWK) [ Attacker – Dark – Human ]

He has an extra 10% chance of evading a physical attack and can reduce equipment cool down time as well as increase damage based on critical rate up percentage. His true arts does 18,000% dark damage and increases his physical evasion rate by 30% and critical rate by 200% for 20 seconds.

There are still plenty of decent units left in Grand Summoners that we will no longer cover in our tier list. As there are about a hundred more we feel belong to lower tiers, we recommend you focusing on the above characters in terms of resource investment and team strategies.

With each character’s unique sets of active skills and passive abilities, you should be able to tell which ones work best with whom. Keep in mind as well that some of the units will perform very differently based on the gears you can equip them with.

As Grand Summoners’ world continues to expand, we can expect more original characters as well as anime guests to join the growing roster of units. In the same manner, it can be expected that some units may undergo some adjustments in strength and overall utility in line with the developer’s intent to balance everyone out as much as possible.

Again, the purpose of any tier list is to provide you with an idea of each unit’s capability on his or her own, and valuation of such is largely opinionated. You should not expect simply lumping together some units from the S Tier and expect them to perform consistently well across all game modes in Grand Summoners. Instead, you will typically find an S-grade unit you would want to build around on and find some A or even lower-grade units more suitable for the team you have in mind.

On the other hand, this tier list should not dissuade you from following your own opinion on whether or not you should invest in the other units that were not mentioned in this guide. Some units from lower teams can be exceptional in the right teams and the right situations. Others can serve as decent alternatives to the beefed-up versions found within the above tiers.

We understand that each player has his or her own views and opinions about which units are the best and which ones are the worst. We likewise respect that so if you have read this through and through and feel like sharing your thoughts and opinions about it, we welcome you to express your mind in the comment section!

Grand Summoners Tier List (2021 Update): Our Picks for the Best 5-Star Units in the Game - Level Winner (2024)
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