Netflix stars are accusing 'Perfect Match' contestant Bryton Constantin of being hom*ophobic and transphobic (2024)

Multiple Netflix stars have accused "Perfect Match" contestant Bryton Constantin of making hom*ophobic and transphobic comments, pulling the streaming service into another reality show controversy.

Bryton originally appeared on "Squid Game: The Challenge" season one last year and was called up again by the streamer for "Perfect Match" season two —one of Netflix's most-watched shows in June.

Bryton has become one of the series's most controversial contestants.

His original partner in season two, Dominique Defoe, was the first to speak out against him after the first batch of episodes aired on June 7. Around the release of the series finale, four more Netflix stars accused Bryton of expressing anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.


The initial episodes showed Bryton constantly arguing with Dominique over minor things like whether yoga is a workout.

Dominique posted a TikTok video on June 8 claiming the pair were actually arguing over Bryton's "hate speech," but the conversations containing harmful comments were cut for the final edit.

She also criticized Netflix for editing her confessional interviews to make it seem like she was emotional over juvenile arguments.

A week later, Dominique told Tudum, Netflix's media site, that she was arguing with Bryton over his comments about LGBTQ+ identities and his criticism of men showing emotions.


"He's like, 'Oh, I think it's fine that you're bisexual because you're a woman … and I think it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Dominique told the outlet.

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Bryton addressed the allegations in multiple TikTok videos in June. He called Netflix's reality stars fake, said Dominique hates men, and said he won't apologize to anyone for his Christian beliefs.


I’m gonna need for all of you to keep that same energy next time you see me 🙂 #fypシ゚viral #perfectmatch #realitytv #drama

♬ original sound - Bryton Constantin

"She doesn't just dislike me. She took everything I said as a threat, as a problem, or as some sort of altercation," Bryton said in one TikTok video. "No, you just hate men, and you really like women."

The drama escalated just before the "Perfect Match" season two finale aired on June 21, when several more queer Netflix reality stars called out Bryton on TikTok.


On June 20, Dash Katz, who appeared in "Squid Game: The Challenge" season one, posted a video claiming other "Squid Game" contestants had complained to them that Bryton had made hom*ophobic and transphobic comments during the competition's filming.

Dash claimed Bryton said he would hit a transwoman if they flirted with him.

"The Circle" season three star Sophia Layne said in a TikTok video posted on June 21 she had also heard from other queer Netflix reality stars that Bryton has said more transphobic and hom*ophobic comments.

Sophia criticized Netflix for giving Bryton a platform on two reality series and asked the streamer to apologize and stop casting him. Francesca Farago, another major Netflix reality star, reposted the video.


Lexi Goldberg, a contestant from "The Ultimatum: Queer Love" season one, called Bryton "an ignorant piece of sh*t" on June 22. Lexi said Bryton came up to her and her fiancée, who is a woman, during a Netflix reality universe party in early June and said, "Well, it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" — echoing Defoe's claims.

On June 24, Brittan Byrd, who appeared on "Perfect Match," said she and Dominique argued with Bryton before the finale after they tried to speak to him about not saying any "hate speech" during the cast reunion.

Bryton has not responded to any new videos, but Dominique is not letting him off the hook.

Last Friday, Dominique called out Bryton again on TikTok, reading out a 6,000-word essay she wrote about her experience with him during filming.



i honestly didn’t even know if i should say anything and just wanted to fade into the ether but that would mean me becoming exactly what this man wanted, silent. and the fact that even after this, he has CONTINUED with this rhetoric is abhorrent. this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg in everything this man said but i got approval to speak about it and speak about it, i will. #perfectmatch #perfectmatchseason2

♬ original sound - dominique defoe

Dominique claimed Bryton lied to other contestants and the public that they were just arguing about yoga. She said Bryton repeated anti-gay hate slogans during filming and compared calling a man a feminist to saying a racial slur to a Black person.

Dominique also said Bryton called her out and made hom*ophobic comments again during a professional event after filming.

Representatives of Bryton and Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment made outside business hours by Business Insider.

Netflix stars are accusing 'Perfect Match' contestant Bryton Constantin of being hom*ophobic and transphobic (2024)
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